There are presently no open calls for submissions.

Poetry Postcard Fest 

1. Obtain or make at least 31 postcards, one for each other poet on your list. 

2. After you register, and once your group has filled, you will get a list via email and pdf.  (You will get your list when there are 32 in your group.) 

3. Once you get your list, start writing original poems directly (1st take) onto postcards addressed to the names below you on the list of poets. (If you are #8 on the list, start with #9 and proceed from there. When you get to #32, go back to the top of your list.) Write just like you’d write a typical postcard, only this one is a poem and linked to the epistle form, as you are writing TO someone. The idea is to practice spontaneity, that is write directly on the card in one take. If it’s hard at the start of the fest to do that, relax, because it gets better as the month goes on, no one can publish your poem without your permission and you are writing to a PERSON. 

4. Once you have written cards to all poets below your name on your list, continue to the top of your group of 32. Ideally you’ll be incorporating themes, tones or motifs from cards you have received. If you do not get cards from participants right away, or are not inspired by them, no problem, but registering means you agree to write at least 31 postcard poems.

5. DON’T POST YOUR OWN POEMS ONLINE UNTIL A MONTH AFTER YOU SEND THEM. Also, do not publish anyone else’s poem without their written permission.  Do not disclose any participant’s address online. 

6. NEVER spam the list about any product or service, including your books. 

7. The fest is open to people who contribute at least $15.00 U.S. to SPLAB. (This includes Submittable's service charge.) This is a fundraiser for SPLAB and provides enough for us to pay basic bills. Contributions are welcome.

8. To ensure you’ll get the call, subscribe to this blog. We send out an average of two emails a week from this blog and splab.org, the literary arts-oriented non-profit org founded in 1993.